Post-Op Instructions - Crown and Bridge Procedure

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You have just had the first appointment of your treatment. A subsequent visit is necessary to complete the procedure.

A temporary has been placed on the tooth/teeth being treated.


Recommendations are below:

·         If your mouth is numb, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

·         Avoid eating or drinking, if possible, until the numbness goes away.

·         The gum tissue may be sensitive or sore.

·         Rinse mouth with warm salt water 3-4 times a day -  (1/2 tsp salt to 8 oz. warm water).

·         Avoid sticky foods, such as, chewing gum, caramels, etc.

·         If possible, do most of the chewing on the opposite side.

·         Brush the temporary as you would your normal tooth/teeth.

·         Floss as directed.

·         Sensitivity is NOT unusual.

·         Take aspirin or Tylenol for discomfort.



If the temporary becomes dislodged

Please call our office for a brief visit to re-cement the temporary.

Until you return to our office, replace the temporary on your tooth/teeth.  If you are unable to return to the office, place Vaseline or denture adhesive in the temporary and replace it in your mouth.  DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE!


If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 619-295-1512.

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